After Pregnancy

After pregnancy programs are made for mothers who need these guides to maintain their health and lifestyle. Well, there are two programs, which are very effective for after pregnancy days for mothers. These two programs are Core Floor Restore and Running Beyond Baby.

Well, Core Floor Restore program is a post-baby plan that gives strength to mothers. The guide contains all home remedies and exercises that will really be very helpful to balance your after-pregnancy period.

On the other hand, Running Beyond Baby program is a comprehensive and effective running program for mothers.

Please make sure that they just guide; they are not products. You just have to follow the guides to maintain your attractive lifestyle at home. The program contains all the exercises, remedies and other important things to help mothers balance their life with joy.

  • Core Floor Restore – A Post-Baby Plan That Gives you Strength

    Core Floor Restore – A Post-Baby Plan That Gives you Strength

    Core Floor Restore is 8-week online fitness program that is very effective to regain your core + pelvic core strength. You don’t have to go outside of your home as you can easily perform all the fitness exercises at home. This Core Floor Restore program is really very helpful after you give birth to a child, because it provides the energy to look after your newly born child.

    This program is created by Jessie Mundell, she is a fitness expert at website. She is also a mom, dedicated to bring amazing moms the powerful fitness plan in any stage of their pregnancy.

    When you enroll in this Core Floor Restore fitness program, you will get 8-week self-directed fitness plan that is designed to your needs. The complete plan consists of 8-week core exercise program, exercise video demos, 8-week calendar tracking system, a core recovery manual and diastasis recti assessment booklet.

    This Core Floor Restore program also comes with bonus that includes educational tutorial videos and exercise photo library.

    The program is really very helpful for those moms who have experienced a natural vaginal birth, experienced a C-section. So the program is designed to your specific needs without any doubts. You can say that Core + Floor Restore is a program for mommies who want to rehabilitate their abs, heal their pelvic floors and gain strength in their bodies.

  • Running Beyond Baby Review – a comprehensive running program for moms

    Running Beyond Baby Review – a comprehensive running program for moms

    According to Running Beyond Baby Review, this program is made for moms and pregnant women. Well, there are many programs and guides for running, but they are not made for mothers. This is a 12 week comprehensive running program that is made for moms only. If you are a mom, or mom to be then this program is for you.

    This Running Beyond Baby program makes you stronger and more confident. So you are not only running, you are also crushing your time. Most important thing is you look fit because you have finally changed the shape of your body.

    As soon as you purchase this course, you get the access to the running beyond baby membership website forever, the website is updated regularly to improve the program. The program has 3 main parts such as “run it training schedule”, “crush it training schedule”, and “finish it training schedule”.

    Running Beyond Baby Review says that the program is good for strength and core workouts. This is a 12 weeks of running specific strength training and core workouts program that works. It consists of downloadable PDFs and video tutorials with coaching and modifications. It comes with workout schedule to tell you what to do every day for 12 weeks. All workouts are 40 minutes or less with minimal equipment.