Toothache Treatment with Ayurvedic Remedies: Asafetida, Clove and Onion

Toothache Treatment with Ayurvedic Remedies: Asafetida, Clove and Onion

ayurvedic tooth treatmentIf you are having toothache, you will be living painful life without any doubts, this painful life will surely disturb your daily activities. Sometimes, the toothache intensity grows at high level and you may feel that the entire tooth should be extracted.

Well, Ayurveda has many effective treatments that can be used for toothache. Kapha-dosh is an Ayurvedic term that lives in your mouth, when it gets unbalanced, oral problems may occur, so kapha-dosha is pacifying in Ayurveda to treat toothache. This is done using many herbs in the forms of tooth powders or toothpaste.

There are also many types of oils that can be used when you are having serious toothache to get relief from the pain. You should know that many popular dentists are also using Ayurvedic remedies today to treat dental related disease.

There are 3 effective herbs for providing great relief in toothache and they may permanently prevent toothache as well, according to experts, you can combine them with the best CBD oil to also reduce pain and anxiety caused by this condition. Asafetida, it is a very famous herb to treat toothache as it is a fast-response remedy for toothache. It has high mineral and vitamin contents that are very helpful to make your teeth stronger and enable the teeth to fight with any types of pain. Clove, it is rich in astringent and antiseptic related things.

Clove oil is very helpful in minimizing toothache and fighting with cavity germs. In popular toothpaste, clave oil is used as the main ingredient. Onion, it is very helpful to dental hygiene as it can prevent germs. It is true that onion may give bad odor temporarily but it works in toothache.

It is said that those people who chomp at least one onion a day they may not have any teeth related problems and several other health problems as well.

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